How Nature Makes Kids Calmer

August 06, 2022

Quote of the Week

"Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience." --Ralph Waldo Emerson

How Nature Makes Kids Calmer

Did you grow up [...] climbing trees, building dams in the stream, and chasing fireflies as the evening darkened? If you did, you'll agree [...] that all children deserve those experiences. Nowadays, though, many of us don't have yards. Even if we do, when we try to send our kids outside, there's often no one to play with. And most parents worry that we have to stay outside with them to keep them safe -- but we have to make dinner!

So most kids spend most of their time inside. As a result, the average fifth grader, given a choice, prefers to stay inside, close to electrical sockets and all the entertainment sources they power. But your grandmother was right: Kids need fresh air and exercise. We all do. Families who find ways to be outdoors together nurture not only their bodies, but their connection to all of life -- and to each other. Kids who spend time outside in nature, research shows, are calmer, happier, healthier and even more creative!

The answer to our nature-deprived modern lives? Set your life up so both you and your child can be outdoors more often. We know that usually kids won't be able to be outdoors without parents. So parents need to get outside, too.  You can set up any outdoor space you have access to so that it's inviting, and spend time outside with your child.[...] Spend time as a family in nature -- hiking, playing tag, biking, or simply walking together in a beautiful place. It allows your family to regroup and get back in sync. It makes wonderful memories.  Look for opportunities to enjoy nature, as well as opportunities to enjoy playing outside. If you're stuck for ideas, there are lots of great ideas in this week's featured article from Aha! parenting.

Reading Corner

Title: Old Enough To Save The Planet
By: Loll Kirby
Ages: 6-8

"The world is facing a climate crisis like we’ve never seen before. And kids around the world are stepping up to raise awareness and try to save the planet. As people saw in the youth climate strike in September 2019, kids will not stay silent about this subject—they’re going to make a change. Meet 12 young activists from around the world who are speaking out and taking action against climate change. Learn about the work they do and the challenges they face, and discover how the future of our planet starts with each and every one of us." --Publishers

Be the Change

This week, try out any of the 20+ fun outdoor acts of kindness to nature described here from the team at Run Wild My Child.