Finding Our "Home"

October 09, 2021

Quote of the Week

"We are all just walking each other home." - Ram Dass

Dear God, I Found My Way Home

This week we bring you the latest music video from Empty Hands Music for a song titled "Dear God" by Nimo Patel. In his own words, he describes that: "The origins of this song started exactly 15 years ago, when I started writing a song called 'Conversation with God'. It was a song that was written in a discussion format between God and myself, as friends. The song later evolved to this song, 'Dear God', and was the first song I ever wrote for the 'Empty Hands' album. This song and video represent the journey and evolution that I have and many of us go through in coming to an understanding of who 'God' is and what role 'God' plays in our own lives." [Watch Video]

Reading Corner

Title: Getting There
By: Marla Stewart Konrad
Age: 3+

This book is part of the World Vision Early Readers series designed for very young children. The aim is to "show how much we share in common, no matter how different we look, what language we speak, or where on Earth we live."

From the moment we take our first steps, it seems we are always on the move. Pictured here are the many and unusual ways we get around. Whether they go on their own two feet, by wheeled vehicle, water craft, animal power, or by air, children find some unorthodox and truly imaginative ways to “get there.”

Be the Change

While there is a home in which our physical body finds shelter, reflect on what is the true home for our inner being. Take one small step, one small action your heart suggests to get closer to your inner "Home".