Life Skills and Entrepreneurship

July 17, 2021

Quote of the Week

"The foundation of every state is the education of its youth." -Diogenes

Highschool 911

Parents often ponder on the question: How can education in school and college be enhanced to truly prepare the students for "real life"? Those who choose the path of 'unschooling' also often ponder about the balance between going with the flow and having some kind of a pliable structure while learning.

This week we are happy to share with you an inspiring film that chronicles a year in the life of the only ambulance service in Darien, Connecticut that just happens to be run by high school teenagers! This one-of-a-kind organization services 20,000 residents 365 days a year, 24/7 and responds to over 1500 emergency calls annually.

The goal of the film is to inspire and empower teenagers as well as motivate the adults in their lives—parents, educators, school administrators, community leaders—to create opportunities for them to become empowered, learn by doing and make a difference in their communities. [Watch Trailer]

Reading Corner

Title: The Making Of A Young Entrepreneur
By: Gabrielle Jordan
Age: 10+

The Making of a Young Entrepreneur is a book geared towards helping kids build a solid business foundation using the same principles the author employed when she started her own business at age 9. Her aim is to help kids forge true success by applying time-tested principles, which she presents to them in their own language.

This book is a golden display of the heart of a young girl who wants to see people reach their full potential by refusing to be spectators of their own dreams.

Be the Change

Suggest a task or a challenge to a child or a teen, which in your perception might be slightly beyond his/her age. The intention is to gently push the limit and yet stay within the safety limits :) Observe with equanimity and reflect on the response.