Everyday Mindfulness

May 15, 2021

Quote of the Week

"Training your mind to be in the present moment, is the #1 key to making healthier choices." - Susan Albers

Everyday Mindfulness

"Mindfulness and meditation are a part of mind-body activities and exercises such as martial arts, breathing exercises and yoga, and are integrated into evidence-based clinical treatments for chronic pain, anxiety and depression. And for good reason. Researchers have found that practicing mindfulness and meditation can improve your immune system, lower blood pressure and even change brain structure and function.

Mindfulness and meditation may be especially beneficial for children and teens because these skills may strengthen brain circuits that control the ability to focus and concentrate and to regulate emotions, which are maturing during this time. Establishing these habits early in life may also set the stage for good habits later in life.

This video explains what everyday mindfulness is, and how being aware of what is going on around you and inside of you can help make life more enjoyable and less stressful." [see video]

Reading Corner

Title: Calm: Mindfulness for Kids
By: Wynne Kinder
Ages: 6 - 9

"Mindfulness activities are a great way to teach children about their thoughts and feelings and how to understand them--while having fun at the same time.This book is packed with activities--make a mindfulness jar, learn how to appreciate food with mindful eating, and get out into nature and explore the outside world. An illustrated journal section at the back of the book encourages children to make notes about their own thoughts and feelings

Calm: Mindfulness for Kids has everything you need to know about focusing your child's mind to help them enjoy and appreciate things that they take for granted every day, while boosting their confidence and self-esteem. Children are guided through each activity, to make sure they achieve maximum enjoyment and awareness. All children will learn and react to each activity in a different way and parent's notes give advice on how to encourage children to embrace mindfulness in the modern world. Each specially designed activity is flexible for each child's needs and inspires them
to seek calmness and tranquility in all situations.

Calm: Mindfulness for Kids shows that supporting a child's positive mental health doesn't need to be expensive, time-consuming, or difficult. Activities help children to de-stress, focus, and get moving while having fun." - Publishers

Be the Change

Pausing to practice mindfulness for just a few minutes at different times during the day can help your days be better, more in line with how you’d like them to be. This week, try out these 1 minute mindfulness excercises with your kids. If inspired, do share with us on how the experience was for your family!