It's Not About Perfection!

April 17, 2021

Quote of the Week

"The challenge is not to be perfect, it is to be whole." - Jane Fonda

How To Help Kids Who Are Too Hard On Themselves

"We hear kids say negative things about themselves all the time: “I’m so stupid!” “Nobody likes me.” And, of course, “I’m fat.” Or “I’m ugly.” Sometimes these things are throwaway lines, or fishing for reassurance. They may be harmless. But what experts call negative self-talk can also reflect an unhealthy tendency in kids to think the worst of themselves, and that can lead to—or be a sign of—something more serious.

Self-talk is essentially our inner monologue. It can be a way of narrating what is happening around you, practicing language, and guiding yourself through a task.

While self-talk is often constructive, it can also go the other way. We all engage in self-critical behavior from time to time, and it isn’t an immediate cause for concern. But it’s useful to think about why your child might be talking herself down, and when it might reflect a problem." [read more]

Reading Corner

Name: Ish (Creatrilogy)
By: Peter H. Reynolds
Ages: 5-9

"A creative spirit learns that thinking “ish-ly” is far more wonderful than “getting it right”.

Ramon loved to draw. Anytime. Anything. Anywhere.

Drawing is what Ramon does. It's what makes him happy. But in one split second, all that changes. A single reckless remark by Ramon's older brother, Leon, turns Ramon's carefree sketches into joyless struggles. Luckily for Ramon, though, his little sister, Marisol, sees the world differently. She opens his eyes to something a lot more valuable than getting things just "right." Combining the spareness of fable with the potency of parable, Peter Reynolds shines a bright beam of light on the need to kindle and tend our creative flames with care." - Publishers

Be the Change

The role of a parent is incredibly nuanced and unique to every family. The same goes for children. This week, let's together try to find the uniqueness in who we are and not focus too much on who we are not. Taking inspiration from the reading, let's practice mindful positive self-talk this week and being perfect-ish parents.  Enjoy the little moments of life that emerge through it all!  Share the experience with your children and encourage them to practice positive self-talk as well.