Neuroscience and the 'Sanskrit Effect'

March 20, 2021

Quote of the Week

"Let noble thoughts come to us from all directions" - Rig Veda

Bridging East And West

A few weeks ago we had explored how language shapes the way we think. Now we'd like to bring your attention to a study conducted by Dr. Hartzell, a postdoctoral researcher on Cognition, Brain and Language. He spent many years studying and translating Sanskrit and became fascinated by its impact on the brain and verbal memory. Take a look at some of his findings [Read Here]

Also watch these interesting rhymes that combine stories and music from the east and west. [Watch Here]

Reading Corner

Title: Kim Bhoh Baalaah Aksharmaalaah
By: Aashaa Agrawaal
Age: 2+

This book helps you learn the Sanskrit alphabet with beautiful illustrations and songs. No matter which part of the planet you live in, the sounds of the Sanskrit alphabet have a universal appeal and make a significant impact on our brain and whole being.

P.S. These videos can also be helpful in learning the Sanskrit alphabet. If you'd like to take a deeper look into some fascinating insights on the uniqueness of how the Sanskrit alphabet was created and how the different sounds activate different parts of your brain, take a look at this presentation by Dr. Anuradha Choudry and this TEDx talk by Dr Sampadananda Mishra.

Be the Change

Recite some words or a short verse or a song in your native language or any language that inspires you. In case you don't know it 'by-heart', step up the challenge to memorize a phrase this week :)