How Gardening Can Teach Kids Life Skills

February 28, 2021

Quote of the Week

"To forget how to dig the Earth and tend the soil is to forget ourselves." --Gandhi

How Gardening Can Teach Kids Life Skills

Digging the soil and nurturing seeds can be a wonderful practice for parents and children to share together, especially during these times.  From Victory war gardens during World War I  to urban guerrilla gardeners, growing one's own food has always reminded us of our deep connection to the Earth and to our local communities. 

Whether your garden is on a city windowsill or in a big backyard, getting kids involved in tending plants can be a powerful teaching tool for subjects like science, math, and reading. But the art of growing food can also promote important life skills in children. Read more in this week's featured article from National Geographic on how your garden can grow patience,mindfulness, responsibility and kindness in your kids.

For more inspiration, learn about an urban community garden in New York City that grows 100+ varieties of plants, fruits, and vegetables all with the goal of giving city dwellers better access to fresh produce. Urban farmers educate city kids on growing their own vegetables in this video.

Reading Corner

Title: The Vegetables We Eat
By: Gail Gibbons
Ages: 4-8

This book explains which parts of certain vegetables we eat, as well as how vegetables are grown. Using her signature combination of a clear and informative text with plenty of illustrations, diagrams and cross-sections, GIbbons provides a wealth of information about produce that will appeal to young kids. --Publishers

Be the Change

Grow a good eater in your household by checking out these tips on 5 easy vegetables to grow with kids. Let your child be in charge and start planting seeds now!