The Gift That Matters

January 16, 2021

Quote of the Week

"Sometime when we are generous in small, barely detectable ways, it can change someone else's life forever." - Margaret Cho

The Gift That Matters

"From a very young age, my oldest daughter has been a gift giver. Like most children, her offerings consisted of items that adults wouldn’t ordinarily classify as gifts. Broken seashells, traumatized frogs, dying weeds, and misshapen rocks were often presented in small, dirt-laden hands beneath a wide smile. In the past two years my child’s gift giving practices have moved up a notch. Gifts are no longer found in nature; they are found in our home. Yes, it’s re-gifting at its best—wrapping barely-used items and presenting them with great love."

At some point, we've all felt awe and amusement (sometimes causing us to cringe) when we see children collect the most ordinary objects, sift through empty paper boxes and cartons, plastic wrappers and tin containers in their search for a special treasure.  They tap into their grand imaginary world and use their artistry to create a magnificent idea or a gift out of it all. This week's inspiring story reminds us of what a little mind with a big heart can embody - it also shares a really cool "Hands-Free Guide to Gift Giving". [Read More]

Reading Corner

Title: Giving Box
By: Fred Rogers
Ages: 8-10

"The notion that charity begins at home has never been easier to teach children than with this enchanting gift set, in which children save coins in banks for the less fortunate. In the book that accompanies THE GIVING BOX, Mister Rogers teaches lessons of generosity and charity through heartwarming fictional stories set in countries around the world. For children, he describes how good it feels to give to those less fortunate, and reveals how even one child's contribution can make a difference. For parents, he offers wise suggestions and practical guidelines on teaching children the moral lesson of compassion for others and the value of charity." - Publishers

Be the Change

Over the years as a Kindful Kids family, we've often come across ideas of giving and doing something meaningful through this process with our kids. This week, yet again - let's celebrate the joy of giving as we step into a new year with a new beginning. Feel free to take some ideas from the "Hands-Free Guide to Gifting" that is shared in the article, or come up with your own unique ideas to spread some joy wherever you are!