Education With Hands, Hearts and Heads

July 04, 2020

Quote of the Week

"Educating The Mind Without Educating The Heart, Is No Education At All" - Aristotle

Education With Hands, Hearts And Heads

How important is it for children to learn and grow vegetables, fruits and cook food, involving their whole being as part of their regular education? On the contrary, what happens when colleges and universities have a department of economics without having a department of ecology?

Watch this thoughtful and inspiring talk by Satish Kumar on Education With Hands, Hearts and Heads. Given the current situation of 'the great realization' that is nudging us to re-imagine education and economy, revisiting this talk provides some great insights and it also asks some wonderfully uncomfortable questions. [Watch Video]

Reading Corner

Title: We are the Gardeners
By: Joanna Gaines
Recommended ages: 4-8

The trials, tribulations, and joys of gardening are brought to light in this entertaining tale of one family's introduction to caring for indoor plants and using that know-how in a garden. Beginning with a fern that dies after being over-loved and over-watered, four children and their parents study up on what plants require: light, water, and a bit of conversation. Once they feel ready, the family works together to design a fruit, vegetable, and flower garden. As the plot takes shape, the family gains knowledge about seeds, garden critters and pollinators, including hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies. Though the family has some trouble with animals eating their produce, they remember that 'every failure or setback teaches us something.'  Packed with useful information in an easy-to-understand format, this will help children, and their adults, who wish to venture into the world of growing some of their own food and flowers.

Be the Change

Think about a new approach towards learning and education with children that you have been meaning to bring into your life and take one small action, one small step to turn it into a reality. For inspiration, you can take a look at these 5 Radical Schooling Ideas For An Uncertain Fall And Beyond. 

As a bonus, it will be great if you can write back to us with ideas for new approaches to re-imagine education with 'hands, hearts and hands'.