It's Cool to Be Kind

July 25, 2020

Quote of the Week

"Do things for people not because of who they are or what they do in return, but because of who you are." -- Harold Kushner

It's Cool To Be Kind

With children’s routines being turned upside down, and schooling and activities for much of our younger generation happening from home, Bow-Wowza is a brand-new online resource empowering 7-11 year olds to nurture their positive mental wellbeing and emotional resilience. Through short comedy videos presented by a whole host of talking dog friends, children can embrace evidence-based life hacks to help them #bemorebowwowza – in other words, be positively PAWsome! Seeped in love, compassion and kindness, canine characters lead the way in delivering the best tips and tricks for mindfulness, gratitude and other tools of support, to achieve Bow-Wowza’s vision of helping every child to flourish and unleash their best life.

Bow-Wowza recognises that children’s brains are adaptable and malleable, which means that they can easily learn new skills and habits. By setting these in at a young age, we can support the next generation with their mental wellbeing throughout the rest of their lives. 50% of mental health problems are established by the age of 14, which demonstrates how essential it is to get children talking and thinking about their mental health long before then. Bow-Wowza research ranges from positive focus and self-compassion to exercise and music, and we offer tools that help children thrive, whilst building their happiest and healthiest possible future.

We invite you to join the kindness movement, recently launched by the team of talking dogs, encouraging everyone, young and old, to #bebowwowzakind, and share the love. Children (and their grown-ups!) can pass on special Canine Kindness Cards and printable friendship bands, sending words and thoughts of kindness rippling around the world!  [watch video]

Reading Corner

Title: Random Acts Of Kindness By Animals:
By: Stephanie Laland
Ages: 8+

Why?   "This book is packed with stories of random acts of kindness, big and small, performed by various animals. Stephanie LaLand has gathered a multitude of stories sure to fill your heart with happiness and hope. From dogs to dolphins, learn true stories of animal compassion, devotion, and bravery. Anyone who’s had a pet knows there is something special about them. We see it in their eyes when they look at us affectionately or play with others or help someone in need. Animal behavior is interesting because in many ways, how they act and the things they do are similar to the way we care for each other. Animals are affectionate and smart creatures, and this book highlights just a few of the ways that they practice compassion." -- Publisher

Be the Change

Print some Canine Kindness Cards and head out with your family to spread kindness and compassion!  Need ideas?  Visit KindSpring for loads of acts of kindness ideas designed for families!