Six Ways to Raise a Resilient Child

March 28, 2020

Quote of the Week

"Presence is a state of inner spaciousness." --Eckhart Tolle

Six Ways To Raise A Resilient Child

Young people face many challenges from the outside world, whether worrying about their family's health, economic prospects, social pressures, and their future. While we may not be able to remove all these challenges, we can pass on skills to help young people cope with stress and adversity.The ability to overcome challenges and persevere stems from resilience, and we can help our children build this strength. Our brains respond to the information around us, so resilience can be taught, modeled and nurtured at any age. Bringing your full presence, without distractions, to your interactions with your child, is a key part of building this strength. Your reliable presence provides your children with the space to share their worries or feelings, knowing that you are there for them wholeheartedly to support them in learning how to deal with any adversity, whether a pandemic or a school bully. This week's featured article from the Guardian offers six ways to raise a resilient child.

Reading Corner

Title: The Yes Brain: How to Cultivate Courage, Curiosity and Resilience in Your Child
By: Daniel J. Siegel, MD and Tina Payne Bryson
Ages: All

"When facing contentious issues such as screen time, food choices, and bedtime, children often act out or shut down, responding with reactivity instead of receptivity. This is what New York Times bestselling authors Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson call a No Brain response. But our kids can be taught to approach life with openness and curiosity. When kids work from a Yes Brain, they’re more willing to take chances and explore. They’re more curious and imaginative. They’re better at relationships and handling adversity. In The Yes Brain, the authors give parents skills, scripts, and activities to bring kids of all ages into the beneficial “yes” state. You’ll learn the four fundamentals of the Yes Brain—balance, resilience, insight, and empathy—and how to strengthen them.  The Yes Brain is an essential tool for nurturing positive potential and keeping your child’s inner spark glowing and growing strong." --Publishers

Be the Change

Read some suggestions from other parents on how to be fully present with your family during tough times, such as these. How will you be present, take care of yourself and take care of others? Share your ideas with a friend.