How Kids See Differences

February 29, 2020

Quote of the Week

"Though a sea of difference may divide us, an entire world of commonality lies beneath." -- James Rozoff

How Kids See Differences

How do children see differences? In this video (part of the British Broadcasting Corporation's campaign celebrating diversity called "Everybody's Welcome"), pairs of best friends from across the United Kingdom are asked: "What makes you different from each other?"  Watch their heartwarming, unscripted and natural responses together with your family, which reveal an inspiring truth about acceptance and inclusion among kids. [Watch Video]

Reading Corner

Title: Welcome to Our World: A Celebration of Children Everywhere!
By: Moira Butterfield
Ages: 4-9

Why?  "We are a mixed race family and my daughter had started to ask questions about where we come from, different skin colours and languages. We had started to look countries up on our globe and talk about the foods people eat and what people in different countries wear. Welcome to our World is a book that lets you and your children dip into different aspects of our world - how people say 'hello', what they call their grandparents, what they wear to school, what they do when they lose their teeth! It is charmingly written with a lovely balance of facts and fun to help young - and old(er) - gain a real flavour for the wonderful world we live in." -- Amazon Reviewer

Be the Change

Invite your child to have this conversation with one of his/her close friends -- what is different about them and what do they have in common?  Encourage an open dialogue with your child about how we are all different and unique, which is to be celebrated, and yet how we are also similar in so many ways, connecting him/her with our common humanity.