Raising Includers

June 29, 2019

Quote of the Week

"There is only one way to look at things until someone shows us how to look at them with different eyes." --Pablo Picasso

How To Raise Includers

Everyone has had moments of being on both sides of exclusion--whether intentionally or not. It may be awkward or even frightening to some to step out of one's comfort zone to embrace and include those who are unknown or perceived as different. Including everyone requires effort and intent, and is not always an automatic reflex in a given situation. Fortunately there are many ways to teach our children to build inclusive habits, and this begins with us, the parents. In this week's featured article "How to Raise Includers" a mom observes a group of kids who "don't pay much attention to anyone else" when they are together and reflects on how to teach impressionable young minds to really notice and be aware of those around them.  Her tips focus not only on our children's behavior, but on our own habits as parents. 

Reading Corner

Title: Strictly No Elephants
By: Lisa Mantchev
Ages: 3-8

"This cute book helps kids think about the ramifications of excluding others and how that makes others feel. The perfect way to teach your child to be an includer!"

Be the Change

This week find positive examples of your child being an "includer" and point them out. When you are in new situations, be brave and set an example for your children.  As a family discuss what you see as passive exclusion, or hurting others by inaction. This link provides great tips on ways to be an includer, for both parents and kids.