Children And The Environment - Why It's Important To Teach Them Young

June 15, 2019

Quote of the Week

"Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty." --John Ruskin

Children And The Environment - Why It's Important To Teach Them Young

"Creating worldwide change isn’t done with just one person; it has to involve everyone. In order to involve more people in the efforts to help the environment, it’s important to get younger generations involved in the effort. By fostering a concern for the environment and sustainable habits early, parents can raise children who will be more aware of environmental issues. Though schools will teach a bit about sustainability, the real work starts much earlier at home.

By establishing good habits like recycling at a young age, those habits are more likely to stick with kids as they get older. Younger generations are already becoming more conscious consumers, and instilling environmental values at a young age will help. Encouraging an interest in the outdoors will allow them to appreciate what they love about the environment. Children are our future, so it’s important to teach them about environmental issues so they can continue to help create change together." [read more]

Reading Corner

Title : Dear Children Of The Earth
Author: Schim Schimmel
Age: 5-8 yrs

"Dear Children of the Earth begins a remarkable letter from Mother Earth asking for help from children everywhere. She writes to express her love for each and every child and asks for their love and appreciation in return. In her own words, and with all of her heart, Mother Earth enfolds children with love and entrusts them with her protection." --Publisher

Be the Change

There are several ways that your family can help protect this planet we call Earth.  Every little thing you do really makes a difference!

1. Use Reusable Bags
2. Print as Little as Necessary
3. Recycle
4. Use Reusable Beverage Containers
5. Don’t Throw Your Notes Away
6. Save Electricity
7. Save Water
8. Avoid Taking Cars or Carpool When Possible
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