Parenting Against All Odds

May 04, 2019

Quote of the Week

"As special needs parents we don't have the power to make life 'fair', but we do have the power to make life joyful." - Anonymous

Parenting Against All Odds

"Parenting with all your senses can be overwhelming. Now imagine doing it blind. Joy Ross, who lost her complete eyesight in 2008, shares her journey of parenting her two daughters."

Born with a chronic illness which crippled her at a young age, Joy Ross shares about the journey of parenting her two beautiful daughters while being visually impaired. In the process of finding her way back to her heart, she discovers a whole new meaning of parenting, motherhood and being human through the little eyes that guide her way through life. We dedicate this inspiring story to all parents out there and want to express our gratitude for sharing the amazing journey of raising children, through all the ups and downs along the way, and seeking out the joy in the journey, at times, against all odds. [watch video]

Reading Corner

Title: A Flicker of Hope
By: Julia Cook
Ages: 5-8

"HOPE is our children's window for a better tomorrow. In terms of resilience and well-being, hope is a critically important predictor of success. This creative story reminds children that dark clouds can be temporary and asking for help is always okay. We all have times when we need to borrow a little hope from someone else.

Sometimes the dark clouds overhead seem too heavy and you feel like giving up. Little candle knows all about this. Bad grades, blasted on social media, worried about making the team, and wondering who her real friends are so many hard things to deal with! All she can see is darkness. But her story begins to change when someone notices she needs a boost of hope. As little candle is reminded she has purpose and her own unique gifts, and that she isn't the only one with dark clouds, her dim light begins to shine brighter.

This hopeful story emphasizes for children (and adults) the many different ways to ask for help, and their ability to be a hope builder for others, too." - Publishers

Be the Change

This week, take some time to reflect on moments where you have found joy in parenting against all odds? Reflect on moments that were guided by your children, that made a big difference in the way you looked at your own parenting journey. If inspired, please do share your story with us.