5 Ways to Teach Kids About Sustainable Living

November 03, 2018

Quote of the Week

"We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." --Native American proverb

5 Ways To Teach Kids About Sustainable Living

"In order to leave behind a better world for our children, it is important for them to be well aware of protecting the environment. Children can make a difference if you teach them about sustainability and empower them to appreciate and preserve the environment. By making small changes in the area where your children live, they will be helping immensely towards creating a better world."  This week's featured article shares practical ways we can teach kids about sustainable living and offers lovely book recommendations for each of the five themes they share. [more]

Reading Corner

Title: Why Should I Protect Nature?
By: Jen Green
Ages: 7 and up

"This is a great introduction for children to the importance of taking care of nature. It has a very clear and simple message of how our actions can effect nature. There are example of how children pick flowers, break branches, swat at bees, and litter and the effects that can have on nature. Then examples are given for actions the children can take to protect nature; for example, pick up litter and plant flowers and trees. I highly recommend this book." -- Amazon Reviewer

Be the Change

Take small steps as a family to learn about the world and care for our environment.  You might try one or more of these suggestions:  cut back on plastic, plant a garden to learn lessons about vegetation, the earth and sustainable living or take a walk in nature to help positively foster an appreciation of our Earth.