A Letter from My 15-Year-Old Son

September 01, 2018

Quote of the Week

"Children spell love... T-I-M-E." -- Dr. A. Witham

A Letter From My 15-Year-Old Son

"Last week, I found myself in a different type of conversation that probably I've been waiting for many years. I somehow had been trying to hold space for it, but it had never happened before.

I'm a father of three boys, and my middle son, Santiago, is 15 years old. He's a hardcore teenager. :) He's very silent in emotional aspects, and he's very loud in others. I've been trying for a few years to hold that space that he feels the trust that he can talk about whatever he want. I understand that between 13-16 years of age, as far as I remember, there's so many things happening.

Last Friday, was my birthday. My family took me to a beach, and just before we left the house, Santiago came to my office and he brought a little envelope with him. I honestly had no idea what it was. He said, "This is for you, but if you are opening it now, I'm not staying here. I'm leaving." I was very surprised. What is this?" [read more]

Reading Corner

Title: The 5 Love Languages of Teenagers
By: Gary D Chapman
Stages: Teens

Why? "When dealing with teenagers it's really sort of like finding your way through a maze. Every child is different and has different emotional and physical needs. After reading this book, I was really able to start to sense what my children need. By employing the use of the love language it really makes your child know that you understand and love them. It eases situations that could escalate especially when a child is upset. The way I parent with teenagers is really different from when they were little and I think by using these love languages in your arsenal of parenting is truly helpful." -- Eva Rosol

Be the Change

For your child's next birthday, consider writing him/her a letter as a gift.  The love you share through the memories you write about will be a gift that keeps on giving.