Joy in Making Good Decisions

April 28, 2018

Quote of the Week

"May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears" --Nelson Mandela

Help Your Child Develop Good Judgment

"Good judgment and decision-making skills develop from experience combined with reflection. As one sage noted, "Judgment develops from experience. Good judgment develops from bad experience."

Your goal is to give your child experience in making decisions, and make sure she has the opportunity to reflect on them and learn. You also want to raise a child who feels good about herself, so that she takes pleasure in making good decisions, rather than bad ones. Research shows that kids who've been treated less than kindly get used to feeling bad, so as teens and adults they make decisions that make them feel bad.

How can you help your child develop good judgment?"  [read more]

Reading Corner

Title: If I Never Forever Endeavor
By: Holly Meade
Ages: 4-8

"Safe inside his cozy nest, a young bird considers whether or not to give his new wings a try. What if he tries and the wings don’t work, and he flails, plummets, and looks foolish? Then again, what if his wings take him swooping and gliding, sailing and flying through a great big wonderful world? He’ll never know if he never endeavors. With the help of her bold, beautiful collage artwork, Caldecott Honor-winning artist Holly Meade offers a gentle nudge for hesitant fledglings of all ages and species to step out, to dare, to try . . . and to fly." -Publishers

Be the Change

Ask your child what they've wanted to try and if they've actually tried it?  What helped them to decide whether or not they were going to try it?  How did they feel about their decision?