Creative Acts of Kindness for Grandparents and Their Grandchildren

July 23, 2016

Quote of the Week

"Young people need something stable to hang on to -- a culture connection, a sense of their own past, a hope for their own future. Most of all, they need what grandparents can give them." -- Jay Kesler

Creative Acts Of Kindness For Grandparents And Their Grandchildren

"Grandparents want so much for their grandchildren. They hope for a bright and happy future for them, of course. They also want their grandchildren to have a sense of family history, tradition, and heritage.

Spending big-hearted time together can accomplish all of those goals. Nurturing this relationship can take a little effort, especially as families spread out across the country.

Did you know our big-hearted tools are perfect for grandparents and grandchildren? Doing good with grandchildren makes lasting memories and builds close bonds as family members work together on issues they care about. Share the tips we've gathered with your child's grandparents (or other special, older person in their life) and let the memory-making begin!" [read more]

Reading Corner

Title: The Two of Them
By: Aliki
Ages: 4-8

"The day she was born, her grandfather made her a ring of silver and a polished stone, because he loved her already." Through the years, the little girl and her grandfather share so many happy times -- playing by the sea, walking in the mountains, working in his store. And when he grows sick, she takes care of him with as much love as he always showed her." -- Publisher

Be the Change

Share this week's newsletter with grandparents or other elders in your life and invite them to spend part of a day with your children doing acts of kindness together :)