Tools for a More Grateful, Peaceful, and Connected Family Life

February 06, 2016

Quote of the Week

"Children have neither past nor future; and that which seldom happens to us, they rejoice in the present."--Jean De La Bruyere

On Mindfulness: Nine Tools For A More Grateful, Peaceful, And Connected Family Life

"Mindfulness -- or the practice of being fully engaged in and aware of the present moment -- is making news and topping resolution lists around the globe.

But achieving mindfulness amid a busy family life can seem nearly impossible. Too often, we race around completely mindless of the current moment, focused instead on the tasks and responsibilities that lay ahead.

Present moment living deserves a place near the top of our personal priorities. Research continues to demonstrate how mindfulness bolsters memory, lowers stress, improves resilience, and increases happiness." [read more]

Reading Corner

Title: The Three Questions
By: Jon J Muth
Ages: 4 - 8

With his stunning watercolors -- and text that resounds with universal truths, award-winning artist Jon J Muth has transformed a story by Tolstoy into a timeless fable for young readers.

What is the best time to do things? Who is the most important one? What is the right thing to do?When young Nikolai seeks counsel from Leo, the wise old turtle whol lives in the mountains, he is sure Leo will know the answers to his three questions. But it is Nikolai's own response to a stranger's cry fpr help that leads him directly to the answers he is looking for. Jon J. Muth combined his studies of Zen with his love for Tolstoy to create this profound yet simple book about compassion and living in the moment. - Publishers

Be the Change

For one day, as an experiment, set an alarm at every hour and use it as a mindfulness bell.  Each chime can serve as a reminder for you and your child to focus on what is - in the present moment. Pause and observe your surroundings, your heartbeat, what you are eating, focusing on the person in front of you. If this experiment shows interesting responses from your kids, you could extend it to a practice that you cultivate everyday in some small way.