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March 21 2020

Kindful Kids Weekly

Quote of the Week

"In family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together, and the music that brings harmony." -- Friedrich Nietzsche

Greater Good Guide To Well-Being During Coronavirus

Our dear friends at Greater Good, who focus on sharing scientific research that can help promote a happier, more compassionate society, have published an incredibly helpful guide for individuals and families to support well-being during the coronavirus outbreak.  You'll find a wide range of resources including inspiring stories sharing goodness and hope, articles on how school closures can strengthen families, suggestions for managing anxiety and stress while fostering connection and dedicated sections specifically for parents and educators which include practices and videos to support children and families. 

The Kindful Kids volunteer team sends our love to you and your families during these uncertain times and will make our best effort to continue bringing you inspiring and informative content to support your families. [read article]

Reading Corner

Video: How to Help Your Kids Feel Loved

Loving bonds between parents and kids can help kids grow into compassionate adults.  During these times of fear and uncertainty, our children are experiencing anxiety and confusion that they aren't always even able to express or show.  But they pick up on cues from their surroundings and grown-ups in their lives.  At times like this, it becomes even more important for parents to ensure that children feel loved and this video serves as a beautiful reminder of simple, practical ways we can do this.

Recommended by Kindful Kids Editors

Be The Change

Try to start or end each day at home by coming together for "Family Time" to stay connected and support each other.  You could do a sharing circle (everyone shares their "yucks" and "yumms" from the day or perhaps what they feel grateful for), mindful movements, yoga, mindfulness, inspiring story time or any other activity which can nourish everyone's hearts and minds, both kids and grown-ups included. 

If there are any resources that have been helpful to your family, please do send them to us so we can share them with our community in coming weeks.

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