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November 25 2017

Kindful Kids Weekly

Quote of the Week

"A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees." -- Amelia Earhart

Kindness Elves: An Alternative Elf On A Shelf Tradition

Looking for a fun holiday tradition that celebrates the spirit of kindness, generosity and gratitude? We've found one that we thought you and your kids might enjoy trying this year -- introduce them to the Kindness Elves, a lovely idea that a mom came up with to inspire kids to be kind!  Here's her story...

"Like me, you will be very familiar with the amazingly popular Elf on the Shelf tradition that has become even more popular in the last few years. [...] However, there are a few things that just don’t sit right with me about the Elf which I can’t shake off and which have meant I haven’t adopted it for our family.

A couple of years ago I came up with an all new idea for starting a positive family tradition within our home instead; The Kindness Elves! I decided to use these adorable little friends to emphasise kindness and love and hopefully help the kids to develop thoughtfulness and compassion for the world around them in a playful and fun way! No focus on bad behaviour or reporting back to anyone, but a positive focus for building kind character habits for a lifetime.

This is how the new tradition works in our home. In the first week or two of December, the Kindness Elves arrive at our home with their gorgeous little house accompanied by a tiny letter that they have written, stating who they are and what they will be doing in our family for the coming weeks. They say that they have come to share the magic of Christmas and have heard that the children have kind and loving hearts, and they want to see them for themselves! They let the children know that they will be putting out little notes each day, either praising them for the kind acts they have witnessed, or suggesting more ways we can help others either at home, school, community groups or in public." [read full article]

While the elves kit is sweet, you don't have to buy anything to try out this new idea -- you can make your own kindness cards for the elves to leave behind each day and to help you get started, here are 25 ideas for the Kindness Elves!

Reading Corner

Title: Kara's Christmas Smile: A Pay It Forward Christmas Picture Book
By: A. M. Marcus
Ages: 3-8

Why? "Kara and her mom are shopping in a store on Christmas Eve. Kara is searching for one special Christmas gift as she and her mom prepare to celebrate the holiday. Kara finds a stuffed kitten that she really wants, but notices the disappointed look on a young boy looking on. She voluntarily hands him the kitten feeling the Christmas spirit. That same boy bumps into a woman and knocks her belongings to the floor. He helps her pick them up. As that woman waits in line at the store, she gives up her place in line to a father and impatient young son. The father and son step outside and notice an elderly lady who has fallen on the ice. They offer a ride to the clinic to get her medical care, and so the chain continues as each new character embraces and shares the Christmas spirit." -- Barbara Mojica, Amazon Reviewer

Recommended by Kindful Kids Editors

Be The Change

Give the Kindness Elves a try this year to inspire your kids to do acts of kindness to share their love with others during this festive season!  You can download these ready-to-print letters from the elves featuring daily kindness ideas to get started.

If you're struggling to find time to plan a daily visit from the elves, here's a fun 2017 Acts of Kindness Christmas Calendar for Kids, filled with simple ideas that school-aged children can do on their own without help from grown-ups.

For families looking for even more ways to be kind this holiday seasons, here's an extensive Holiday Kindness Tool-kit filled with more inspiring articles and ideas!

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