Uncertain times raise significant questions that can architect the arc of our future. Carbon emissions have dropped dramatically, but xenophobia is rising. Government surveillance is increasing, while global scientist cooperation is going up. Nursing homes are being evacuated, only to bring elders home to their families. Shopping malls are empty, but family meals are on the rise. Awakening of compassion is pervasive, but the inequality of human suffering is evident. "Social distancing" is a trending phrase, but in Italy neighbors lean out of their windows to sing songs together. Borders are still present, but the boundaries of our shared humanity are getting blurry. Yes, undercurrents of fear are everywhere, but so are prayers. Jack Kornfield recently shared, "The virus isn't happening to us; it's happening for us." As we revise our collective narrative, we are invited to step into our highest aspirations and serve this inflection point in history.

How does a heart of service respond to an unknown cause, how do we build resilience when we can't be physically together, and how do we amplify lotus in the mud? If these questions matter to you, below are some spaces that you may like to engage with:

Engage Virtually

  • Awakin Circles -- it used to happen in 100 local cities around the globe, and now it's still on virtually. You can meet with local circles, or join the global one!
  • Awakin Dialogues -- we invite guest speakers to join for webinar format conversations online, like this recent one with Rabbi Ariel Burger. Let us know if you'd like to join the next one.
  • Awakin Calls -- if you're in the mood for podcast conversations, we host a live interview every Saturday!
  • Volunteer with ServiceSpace -- you can help translate articles, scout for good news, help with audio editing interviews, and so much more!

Take Action

  • 21-Day Coronavirus Challenge: for 21-days, use the unique circumstances of the pandemic to cultivate inner transformation.
  • KindSpring Community: do small acts of kindness in your local community, tell stories and connect with hundreds of thousand online members who share the same values.

Dive Deeper, Brainstorm Ideas

  • Laddership Circles: very popular "hands, head, heart" curriculum that is done virtually, but with a community of friends. Six weeks commitment. Very popular. Visit Laddership.org to apply for one of five upcoming circles.
  • If you're an organizer and want to come together with various others to throw out ideas, we have a series of calls. See the invite. After seeing more than 150 RSVP's for our call, we now intend to do a global call and expand into an ongoing series.
  • Local Groups: if you'd like to organize a book club, or a educators circle, or a healers circle -- we would love to support you with the best practices, tools and community to support its emergence. Drop us a note anytime!

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