Weekend Events + Fritjof Capra

Dear Friends,

A roundup of few local events ...

This Sunday, Liz and I will be serving at Karma Kitchen Berkeley. Come by for lunch, or seeding generosity ripples, or hugs! Mary Rothschild, Poonam, Marie, Asis, Cynthia and various others will be at our community table -- that you can join as well. (P.S. Newest KK location starting in March? Israel!)

Next weekend, there's Awakin Kids Circle where kids meditate, dance to Nimo's songs, make pizza by hand -- while parents reflect on insightful topics. The day after  will be Awakin Banyan Grove, which is taking a beautiful life of its own! Here's a gorgeous photo of about 40 of us in the doorway last Sunday after Kozo and Bill concluded a Healing+T retreat.

Oh, and tomorrow, a courageous 23-year-old is our Awakin Call Guest: Arti Kuber on Forgiveness. And next Saturday, Preeta and Pavi will be moderating a call with the legendary Fritjof Capra!

"A comma, a question mark, and an exclamation point, but certainly not a period." That's how Zilong capped off an epic blog post about our tidal-wave generating "Gandhi 3.0" retreat in India last month: Grand Rehearsal of Unconditional Love Apart from the stories, it also highlights 7 questions we held together, a super-fun immersion video, and ample photos. Truly remarkable to see what all can unfold as we learn to get out of the way.

With smiles, :)