This Sunday (+NBC, Yoga, Interns, Banyan Awakin)

Dear Friends,

As we head into the Thanksgiving weekend, below are a few upcoming events ...

This Sunday, we're on for Karma Kitchen! If you're around for lunch in Berkeley, do come by. You're bound to receive smiles from Moses, Claudia, and Joserra and Fab! Speaking of KK, as a sweet ripple of Krishna's dedicated anchoring, Karma Kitchen DC was featured on NBC this month! "We’re so hungry to connect to each other ... In a place like D.C. where there’s often so much power-hungry energy -- this is just the opposite of that.

Saturday afternoon, Fabrizio (who recently shared some stunning reflections on fear) is hosting a half-day yoga retreat in Marin, at Banyan Grove! Pancho and friends have already enrolled; if you'd like join, RSVP here.

Saturday morning, our summer interns will be sharing insights and lessons for a special group Awakin Call: Beginner's Minds in Kindness!

On Dec 3rd, we're circling up for our second Awakin Circle at Banyan Grove! Last month, 40 of us gathered for a palpable first circle there, as witnessed in these post-circle smiles. :) To join us this month, RSVP here.

In a passing email exchange, Bonnie shared these words that you might enjoy as well: "We are here to reap what we did not sow and to sow what we cannot reap. I think of building a cathedral of words and positive actions, one brick at a time, where we may never see the results. But we get to first stand on the shoulders of those who 'sowed' for us. Then trust that we in turn sow seeds that will someday bless the world."

Happy Thanksgiving, :)


P.S. Looks like some seeds from Rev. Heng Sure's Europe trip are already blooming -- from Katzy's video offering in Austria to Jasky's kindness to Caroline's Awakin Paris. :)