This Weekend (+ Jai Jagat Show, Deep U Retreat)

Dear Friends,

This seems to be the season of nonviolence for us. Pancho embarked on a walking pilgrimage, we just finished a memorable retreat with 40 love warriors at Banyan Grove, and then Arun Dada went on a road trip to SoCal. :) 

A couple of upcoming events but in reverse chronological order :) ... 
In early May, Nimo and 17 children from six slums in India will land in the Bay Area with the "Jai Jagat" show, a 90-minute one-of-a-kind dance, drama and musical production with a clear message: the whole earth is one family. The troupe has spent 18 months training with volunteer directors, choreographers and mentors, and the children have come to deeply embody the values they portray in the show. For a flavor, watch this trailer, and request tickets for May 4th (Oakland) or May 5th (San Jose).

In late April, Maria and Vasco from Portugal are hosting a "Deep U" retreat for all those with startup ideas that they'd like to flesh out in the context of a community of kindred entrepreneurs. It elegantly fuses together Theory U, social presencing theater, meditation, and so much more. If you've got a social-change project brewing inside your heart, apply for Deep U retreat at Banyan Grove in Marin.

Most immediately, though, here are a few opportunities to engage with Arun Dada before he departs the US ...
  • This Saturday: Evening of Devotional Music. Arun Dada's foremost practice of cultivation has been his music, so this promises to be a special evening. Among many surprises -- angelic Chilean singer Astrid Brinck, classical Indian singer Hiten, and local talents in Anuj and Radha. RSVP here. (Cupertino)
  • Sunday: Social Change + Gandhi. What is inner transformation driven change, who is doing it, and how can we help amplify it? Local organizational leaders, particularly with a focus on South Asia, will convene for a dialogue with Arun Dada. RSVP here(Los Altos)
  • Monday: Technology + Gandhi. In a circle hosted at SAP headquarters, we will dive into some of the nuances of how wisdom can drive technological evolution. Assuming all goes well, :) we'll also be introducing a "givers platform" that uses AI. :) RSVP here. (Palo Alto)

At our last retreat, a teenager shared this sweet story:

"One night, in our dorm room, we were all goofing off. The head teacher came storming in and asked all responsible parties to raise their hands. A lot of my friends admitted their mistake, but I didn't -- even though I was the main troublemaker. Then, our teacher did something stunning. She said to everyone else, 'Now, give them a big round of applause for their courage.' That was the day I realized that truth was stronger than fear, and I learned that because of our teacher's love for us."

In service, 


P.S. An 8-year-old volunteer in London posted her first blog: My First ServiceSpace Retreat :)