This Sunday (+ Banyan Grove Song, Singapore)

Dear Friends,

Last month, we launched Karma Kitchen in Crakow, Poland -- just a short distance away from Auschwitz! It was an incredible experience. Particularly with some monks joining us to step up the love: "Restaurants have bus boys, but we'll have bus monks today."

This Sunday, Liz, Claudia, and I will be anchoring Karma Kitchen in Berkeley. You can come by with your friends, 11AM to 3PM, or if you'd like to join the ServiceSpace community table (with our Sufi guests, Russ and Rita and the ever-so-joyous Audrey), RSVP here.

Last weekend, we also held an intimate blessing ceremony for Banyan Grove in Marin. Love was vividly in the air, and maybe that was because of this remarkable song that Fabrizio just posted: This House Called Banyan Grove! "Come as strangers, leave as friends; Pay it forward with a smile; Service is our currency; Generosity our style."

In November, BG will start hosting monthly Awakin Circles. Stay tuned for more. That'll be the seventh city in the Bay Area to host Awakin Circles. And those ripples are spreading far and wide, with Awakin Austria last month -- which has already multiplied and catalyzed German translations.

Last but not least, Min brought dozen teens from Singapore on a Bay-Area visit. Alongside the usual Silicon Valley glitz, they also practiced kindness -- and just a few simple acts dramatically shifted their world view. Even a week later, some of them are still trying to "channel our inner Pancho." :)

Vinoba Bhave used to say something like, "I don't worry about marketing. I trust the wind to carry it exactly where it needs to go."  Indeed, it seems that the leaves rustle, the rivers flow and kindness, compassion, joy, and peace spread.

With smiles, :)