Dear Friends,

As January melts into February, here's a few local events you may like to know about...

This Sunday, Jan 28th, we're on for Karma Kitchen Berkeley from 11AM - 2:30PM. Bradley, Connie, Audrey and a spirited crew are looking forward to seeing and serving you there! One couple signed up to volunteer with the note, "It is our wedding anniversary and we would love to spend the day doing something meaningful."

In a couple weeks, on Feb 11th, we're gathering together for another Awakin Circle at Banyan Grove. RSVP here.

Then, on Feb 18th, Kozo, Bill, Sri, and Radha are building on an illuminating dialogue with a day-long retreat around Healing + Transformation!

Gandhi once said, "In a gentle way, you can shake the world." In India last couple months, it's been a privilege to witness the gentle capacity of these labor-of-love spaces to shake the world with their daily, distributed, small graces in full bloom. :) Last week, 70 global leaders, change-makers, and community builders gathered from a dozen countries for a palpable "Gandhi 3.0" gathering India, and here's sneak peek into our time together, as we collectively moved from the "necessity of the probable" to the "plausibility of the possible."

With smiles, :)


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