We would love to have you volunteer with us. We believe that in giving to others, we simultaneously receive through an inner transformation within our own self. In that sense, what matters isn't how much we give or how much of a splash our service creates in the world, but who we become through that very process of selfless service.

Below are some of our current volunteering opportunities. Please click on the ones that interest you and fill in the application form.

Open Volunteer Positions

Event Coordinator, for Banyan Grove

We routinely have many in-person circles, events, retreats and residencies at Banyan Grove. This volunteer position is to help coordinate various strands of the events, align it with the vision of the steering committee, and if you're local to area, join us in person for the events as well.

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Awakin Circle Chef, for Banyan Grove

Once a month, we host an Awakin Circle -- where we sit in silence for an hour, engage in a circle of sharing, and then conclude with a shared meal. If you are available to help cook some or all of the meal, please sign-up below.

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Landscape Artisan, for Banyan Grove

Our property is filled with lots of potential for outdoor activity. To accomplish this, we would like to engage some landscaping expertise. If you have experience and background in outdoor design, we would love to have you join as our brainstorming partner.

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