Thanks for your interest in hosting a retreat at Banyan Grove. To request the space, please fill in the form listed below the FAQ and we'll keep you posted if we are able to accommodate your group.

Group Retreat FAQ

Can I host a retreat or event with my group or organization at Banyan Grove?

Banyan Grove is a volunteer-run, labor-of-love physical space for ServiceSpace volunteers to cultivate inner transformation and build deeper ties that foster compassionate acts in the world. We have limited availability for kindred groups to host their own retreats in the space.

To explore the possibility of hosting a group retreat at Banyan Grove, submit this Group Retreat Request Form below this FAQ.

What's the cost for hosting my retreat at Banyan Grove?

Banyan Grove is a 100% volunteer-run labor-of-love project that has been offered as a gift by those who came before you. At the end of your stay, you'll have a chance to pay-it-forward for future guests and continue the circle of giving. In the spirit of a gift ecology, what you offer is determined by you and your group. Your contributions will be used towards the upkeep of the place, mortgage/taxes, utilities, supplies, and landscape, to directly serve other group retreats in the future. Monetary contributions can be made online. [More info: Gift FAQ]

How many bedrooms are available, and what’s the overnight capacity?

Banyan Grove has enough beds (mostly bunk beds) to sleep 14 people. In addition, we have 4 folding twin mattresses that can be setup on the floor, if additional (flexible) accommodations are needed.
Here's the Bedroom Breakdown:

  • X-Small room: sleeps 1-2 people
    • 1 queen bed
  • Small Room: sleeps 3 people
    • 1 twin bunk bed
    • 1 lofted twin bed
  • Medium Room: sleeps 4-8
    • 2 queen bunk beds
  • Large Room: sleeps 6-8 people
    • 1 twin bunk bed
    • 2 bunk beds (where bottom is queen futon, top is twin)
  • Downstairs Room: sleeps 3+ people
    • 2 twin beds
    • 1 queen couch pull-out
    • 2-3 floor mattresses
  • 6 Folding Twin Mattresses are available on site if needed.

What kinds of meeting rooms and amenities can my group use onsite?

Here are some photos of the space. Generally speaking, these rooms are available for group use:

Main House:

Possibly Available For Group Use:
  • 2 Meditation Huts (each hut fits 1-2 people in floor mattresses)

Not Available For Group Use:
  • 1 Cottage - pictured right (This is where the campus anchor resides. The anchor will be campus during your retreat, and available to show you around and support with questions about space logistics.)

For more visuals of the campus, you can view these albums:

How many bathrooms are there?

Banyan Grove currently has 2.5 bathrooms -- all of which are located in the main house. There are also 2 incinerator toilets located near the zendo, and an outdoor hay bale urinal.

Do we need to bring our own sheets, towels, and toiletries?

Yes, any guest (including retreat participants) staying overnight at Banyan Grove will need to bring the following:

  • 2 sheets (1 for the mattress + 1 for between the blanket)
  • 1 pillowcase
  • 1 towel
  • biodegradable toiletries (e.g. shampoo/conditioner, body wash, toothpaste). This is provided, if needed.
Bringing your own sheets/towels supports our sensitive septic system as well as post-retreat cleanup. For those who come from a distance, we do have sheets & towels you can borrow onsite, with the understanding that your group will clean (via the laundry machine on site) and return them where found before your group departs. Bathrooms are equipped with basics, such as hand soap and toilet paper.

What cleaning responsibilities do retreat groups have?

Since Banyan Grove is a 100% volunteer-run labor-of-love offering, we don't have professional cleaning services. We ask that individuals and groups who use the space are able to clean and leave the it in the same condition it was found. There are cleaning supplies on campus that can be used for this, and if you have any questions, you can ask the campus anchor (who is based in the Cottage.)

Can our group use the kitchen?

Your group is welcome to use the kitchen to prepare vegan meals and snacks for your retreat. There is ample kitchenware that you may borrow for cooking and serving (including pots of varied sizes and about 70 sets of mugs, plates, bowls, and silverware). You may store perishable food in the refrigerator, as well. Banyan Grove is a vegan center, so all food prepared and consumed on site must be vegan.

In addition, please note that any food or ingredients in the pantry is reserved for ServiceSpace events or Banyan Grove resident volunteers.

Are there residential guidelines we need to follow?

Yes, Banyan Grove has these residential guidelines that anyone staying on the premises are required to maintain:

  • To maintain an environment conducive to personal and collective practice, I agree to uphold shared values of the space while on site, including these 5 precepts, no alcohol, smoking or drugs.
  • I understand that Banyan Grove is a vegan center. I can align with a vegan diet whenever I am on the premises.
  • To be mindful of neighbors, I can ensure our group parks inside or by the gate (i.e. not on the street) and be quiet after 9:30/10PM.
  • My group will be responsible for leaving the site how we found it, which includes post-event clean-up.
  • If I have any questions, I can ask the onsite campus anchor and/or a Steering Committee member.

Who can we contact if we have any facilities problems or emergencies while on site?

Our campus anchor resides in the Banyan Grove cottage, and will be available to show you around the property as well as assist with any facilities needs. If you encounter any immediate issues on site, you can simply knock on the cottage door. If your retreat is approved to be hosted at Banyan Grove, you will have the campus anchor’s contact information as well, and can liaison directly with him/her about any questions regarding campus facilities.

I have more questions.

For all general inquiries, do get in touch using this contact form, and someone will be in touch.

Group Retreat Form