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Pledge Page is a free online platform for people to showcase and raise funds for their favorite causes. Its easy-to-use tools give users a way to create customized websites, share photos, maintain an online journal, manage their donor list, and more. All its features are designed expressly to support the generosity of everyday people.

In 2001, back when Pledgepage was a dotcom in danger of shutting down, ServiceSpace took it on, and promptly converted it into a no-charge, non-profit service open to anyone, anywhere in the world. To date, PledgePage has helped in the creation of over 8,000 websites, which have collectively generated more than 66 millions hits and helped raise well over $3 Million for good causes all over the world.

PledgePage is run by an all-volunteer team dedicated to helping people share the causes that inspire them. All of its various services are offered free of charge and every user gets their own unique user.pledgepage.org website.

How Can I USe It

Create Your Own Pledgepage. Whether you are running a marathon for a cause, or helping a non-profit with fundraising, you can establish an online presence with Pledgepage.

Support A Cause. Browse through the causes that other people have showcased and contribute to one that moves you.

Visit www.pledgepage.org

What Our Users Have to Say

"Thank you all for everything you do for us! You.re the best! Thanks so much for your support and help with getting the word out! You all ROCK! Please keep up the good work. If I can help in any way, please let me know. I don.t know when to quit volunteering!" --Candy P.

"You guys ROCK!" --an email from anonymous user

"I recognize that you are offering a wonderful service and resource to not only participants, but charities. If we can do provide our time to watch the site and help maintain information, we are more than happy to do so." --Paul Payton , American Lung Association