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DailyGoodDesert Solitaire: A Love Letter to SolitudeIn the late 1950s, Edward Abbey became a seasonal park ranger at Arches National Monument in Utah's Moab desert. Between April and September, between the canyons and the pages of his journal, he found a great many of the things we spend our lives looking for. His book maps the maze of the interior landscape as he wanders the expanse of the exterior. [Full Story on]  

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Stories of Kindness

Flowers For a Gardner, RoseMarie
Nov 21 -- An elderly lady who lives near me keeps her garden so beautiful. It has an abundance of flowers and colours. The ... Full Story

Post It Notes On Our Walk, kiwicat
Nov 20 -- My lovely husband had a bad day at work. He came in the door and suggested we go for a walk. He said "come on, ... Full Story

Thanksgiving Spirit, tc_3320
Nov 20 -- At work we make and deliver thanksgiving baskets to families in need. Our unit has pledged to make 15 baskets. I am ... Full Story

Crushed In The Rush For Cross Stitch, AndiCas
Nov 21 -- A day or so ago I posted a photo of a pile of cross stitch kits that I had been gifted. I couldn't possibly use ... Full Story

Small Acts

"Thank you all for your posts. Wow! First time in being a part of online community! This is amazing! " ritagnes, Nov 22

"I spent time with my elderly mother in rehab; encouraging her to walk and eat; keeping her company, and reassuring her she's getting better." mgargarian, Nov 24

"Just stepped outside & was awed by the night sky...sunset reflected off the clouds." Mish, Nov 22

"❤❤❤Love is when my husband brings me a hot cup of coffee while I'm working ❤❤❤ " alisamom, Nov 22

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We all want to be happy. What is the connection between happiness and gratitude? It seems pretty simple - when you are happy, you are grateful. But think again. We all know people who have everything a person could want, but are not happy - they want more.  We also know people who have suffered misfortune, and yet are happy. How can that be? It is gratefulness that makes you happy, and not the other way around. We hold the master key to our happiness in our own hands. Watch this TED talk in which Brother David Steindl-Rast teaches us a simple method for living gratefully moment by moment. [Source: KarmaTube]

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image I Awaken Before Dawn, by Helen Moore
I awaken before dawn, go into the kitchen and fix a cup of tea. I light the candle and sit in its glow on the meditation cushion. Taking my cup in both hands, I lift it to my Lord and give thanks. The feel of the cup against my palms brings the potter to mind and I offer a blessing for his... Read more on

image Kitchen Teachings: Conversation with Cherri Farrell, by Richard Whittaker
Cherri Farrell teaches consumer and family science, a subject that used to be called home economics. She teaches at College Park High School in Pleasant Hill, California. Her curriculum is devoted largely to cooking and nutrition and it's also. Read More on

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True solitude is found in the wild places, where one is without human obligation. One's inner voices become audible...In consequence, one responds more clearly to other lives. Wendell Berry

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