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DailyGoodGiving To People Who GiveYouTube prankster Big Daws has over 1.7 million subscribers to his channel, BigDawsTV, but in this video, he addresses the issue of homelessness. Watch this social experiment in which Big Daws pretends to be a homeless person in need, and then gives to those that lend him a hand. "I just want to make the world a happier place and bring out the best in people." [Full Story on]  

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Stories of Kindness

Coast To Coast Travel And An Inspiration In Connectedness, Anuj
Jul 22 -- It was finally the day for my wife to travel back from her parent's house on the East coast to where we ... Full Story

Passing Forward The Kindness I Recived Many Years Ago, Pattu
Jul 22 -- Many years ago while waiting in a long queue at a busy check in counter in an airport I passed out. I had rushed to ... Full Story

A Christmas Tradition of Spreading Warmth, Pattu
Jul 24 -- Two days before Christmas I was out in town finishing all the last minute shopping and I had not noticed it was ... Full Story

William, xenahugs
Jul 25 -- The other day, I was getting ready to go volunteer teach my English class and I was pondering the current climate in ... Full Story

Small Acts

"My donations for the Salvation Army food donation bin this morning :-)" KiwiCat, Jul 24

"Small gift of thanks for hotel housekeeping ❤️." mindyjourney, Jul 25

"I'm new to this community and was so happy to find it, that I shared the link to today with everyone in my circle. I think that's a great, small act of kindness! :D" IdaZakin, Jul 26

"I picked up a neighbor's newspaper and placed it on her porch so she would not have to climb her steep stairs." gerrimarie, Jul 24

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A celebratory backyard dinner party was winding down when an intruder pointed a gun at the head of a 14-year old guest, and subsequently, at the heads of other guests. "Give me your money, or I'll start shooting," he demanded. The situation was getting incredibly tense, when one of the guests did something simple, yet extraordinary. Watch what happens when a customary script is flipped. [Source: KarmaTube]

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image Blessings for Earth-Healers, by Starhawk
We give thanks for all those who are moved, in their lives, to heal and protect the earth, in small ways and in large. Blessings on the composter, the gardeners, the breeders of worms and mushrooms, the soil-builders, those who cleanse the waters and purify the air, all those who clean up the... Read more on

image Kitchen Teachings: Conversation with Cherri Farrell, by Richard Whittaker
Cherri Farrell teaches consumer and family science, a subject that used to be called home economics. She teaches at College Park High School in Pleasant Hill, California. Her curriculum is devoted largely to cooking and nutrition and it's also. Read More on

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I know what I have given you... I do not know what you have received. Antonio Porchia

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