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DailyGoodWhy We Need a Secular SabbathAccording to writer and mindfulness teacher Pico Iyer, interruptions come every eleven minutes, leaving us with the feeling that we are never caught up on our lives. The constant interruptions from technology make us feel fractured and frustrated with life. When we are overly focused on technology, what is most important to us escapes us both in work and at home. Iyer suggests dedicating one day a week to a "Secular Sabbath" to rest techno-weary souls. During interviews with Google executives, Iyer found that stepping back from the use and demands of technology made employees happier, healthier and more productive. She says, "the point of sitting still is that it helps you see through the very idea of pushing forward; indeed, it strips you of yourself, as of a coat of armor, by leading you into a place where you're defined by something larger." [Full Story on]  

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Stories of Kindness

She Ran To Give an Elderly Man Back His Walking Cane, And Received Far More In Return, brindlegirl
Apr 23 -- I met a man yesterday. Didn't get his name. And I'm confident, I'll probably never ever see him again. ... Full Story

The Lost Baby Duck, love2day
Apr 23 -- A few days ago I saw two baby ducklings that were alone in the grass near a pond, and today I found out that they ... Full Story

Tough Nut For The Harp To Crack, SissyLee
Apr 29 -- Monday I went to a nursing home where hospice has a number of people and yesterday I went to the hospital's ... Full Story

Kindness Is Like A Boomerang, lt33
Apr 26 -- Kindness is like a boomerang. I found this mysterious note in an envelope marked: "To You". I opened ... Full Story

Small Acts

"" lewski711, Apr 23

"Dollar doves (origami Peace doves w/a dollar tucked in a wing along with the blessing) ready for our journey today. Gave them all out and then some!" mindyjourney, Apr 23

"Yesterday my friend and I walked around my neighborhood and gave flowers and smile cards to everyone. Some people even said we made their day." ITZMORGIE, Apr 23

"Finished a "bravelet" while on the plane. Packaged it with a Peace dove, Smile card, poem and tucked it into the seat pocket. I have faith that whoever finds is meant to find ❤️." mindyjourney, Apr 26

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Do you know who made your clothes? And if you did, would that change your purchasing and consumption habits? People wants cheap clothing, but don't often consider who is paying the real price for fashion at a bargain. Take a look at how people at Alexanderplatz in Berlin reacted when they found out the conditions in which the 2 Euro t-shirt being offered in the vending machine was produced. [Source: KarmaTube]

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image Wonder of the Universe is Wondering In Us, by Paul Fleischman
The universe is very big and very old. It was only discovered by us in the twentieth century. When you look up at the night stars you aren’t seeing it. Our Milky Way galaxy alone has billions of stars, but we can see only thousands with our naked eyes. There are billions of galaxies like... Read more on

image Kitchen Teachings: Conversation with Cherri Farrell, by Richard Whittaker
Cherri Farrell teaches consumer and family science, a subject that used to be called home economics. She teaches at College Park High School in Pleasant Hill, California. Her curriculum is devoted largely to cooking and nutrition and it's also. Read More on

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I continue to keep the cornucopia of technology at arm's length, so that I can more easily remember who I am. Kevin Kelly

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