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DailyGoodMaya Angelou On Identity & The Meaning of LifeThrough the sheer tenacity of her character and talent, despite being born into a tumultuous working-class family, abandoned by her father at the age of three, and abused in her childhood, the late Maya Angelou became a cultural phenomenon. This interview from 1977 brings us timeless wisdom from this phenomenal woman, as she explores issues of identity and the meaning of life. [Full Story on]  

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Stories of Kindness

Hidden In Library Books., brindlegirl
Jul 15 -- Today when returning a library book I slipped a $5 in between the pages with a note wishing them the most beautiful ... Full Story

African Inspiration, thumbsup
Jul 17 -- Today I bought a piece of art from a vendor at a festival. Her artwork was inspired by Africa and so I asked if she ... Full Story

Wanting To Say Thanks, Hallie
Jul 16 -- I have always wanted to say thanks to the workers who clean the public bathrooms in my college dorm before any of us ... Full Story

Marks Of Kindness, giggles
Jul 19 -- I was on my way to my parents' on my motorcycle and saw a middle aged man carrying a heavy sack on his shoulders ... Full Story

Small Acts

"Salute to Him !!" kmbhai, Jul 17

"listened to a song about gratitude and said a prayer." varsha.mathrani, Jul 19

"" Forgive, Jul 17

"In Medical Colleges, we have hundred classes that teach us how to fight Death, but not a single lesson on how to Live. Strange but True." truthunltd, Jul 17

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While our focus is shifting towards individual achievements over community, more and more people are feeling lonely. They feel vulnerable opening up to others for warm, friendly, heart-to-heart conversations. Then, along comes social media… As people share and chat from islands of isolation, filtering and massaging information, they are undermining the genuine credibility of conversation. Bits and pieces of tweets, posts and chats aren’t allowing people either to open up or understand others. Are these online connections actually helping with loneliness, or they are making it worse? Could this social media activity be chipping away at your quiet time as well, when you could think and reflect? Learn more in this fast-pace, animated video based on the work of Sherry Turkle and Dr. Yair Amichal-Hamburger. [Source: KarmaTube]

A film by Shimi Cohen.

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image What Is Your Storyteller Doing?, by Mary O'Malley
At 8:28 AM I slipped into the pool at my gym for my half hour swim. There was a water aerobics class that began at 9:00, which left just enough time for me to complete my swim. At around 8:55 a number of people had jumped into the first lane and were chatting before the class. I was in the second... Read more on

image Kitchen Teachings: Conversation with Cherri Farrell, by Richard Whittaker
Cherri Farrell teaches consumer and family science, a subject that used to be called home economics. She teaches at College Park High School in Pleasant Hill, California. Her curriculum is devoted largely to cooking and nutrition and it's also. Read More on

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I've always had the feeling that life loves the liver of it. You must live and life will be good to you. Maya Angelou

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