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Posted by ServiceSpace on Aug 11, 2017
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End of July, we had our annual retreat with a few anchors from around the globe. Among other highlights, Pavi and Trishna presented a synthesis of 28 Servicespace team reports(!), as Melissa shared her beautiful story of being laddered -- and paying it forward with a bang!

It makes your day when a site user leaves a comment mirrors your spirit back to you: "DailyGood -- a positive story every single day for the past 18 years without ever showing an ad. That is remarkable. This labor of love has definitely made a difference in my life. Thank you!" We don't know Cynthia T, but you made a difference in our lives as well!

You might've heard about Google engineer's leaked memo making a huge splash. We've got a happier leak -- photos from yesterday's first Awakin in Toronto! #ThuRocks

And did you know ... Christine is starting Awakin Austria (Vienna) next month?!? And Sheetal, Khush and Audrey are helping anchor Awakin Poland (Warsaw) at the end of September?

Generosity makes you happy. Or if you want to sound smart, cite this new paper: "Generous decisions modulate the connectivity between temporo-parietal junction (TPJ) and ventral striatum. That striatal activity is directly related in linking commitment-induced generosity with happiness."

This is science too: we can edit intelligence genetically. Who knows, a compassion pill might be on the way too. Oh wait. :)

Pancho has lot more hope for next generation after attending the 10th (and concluding!) week call of our summer internship! All five of our stellar interns delivered a concluding "Ted Talk" on a virtue of their choice. More coming to a blog near you but if you can't hold your horses, here's Shyama on simplicity and Sophie on loving kindness. Hats to all five mentors -- Dunga, Audrey, Priya, Vishesh and Anne-Marie!

From a circle in London: 74% cared for compassionate values over selfish ones -- but 77% believed that others cared for selfish ones. #NarrativeFail

Here's a new narrative. Jamie requested a Smile Deck, with this description: "I'm a Security Guard at a truck stop Casino and think these would be perfect to hand out randomly encouraging kindness while at work."

You thought you've seen all KarmaTube videos, but there's always more: Give a Little Love And Smita-ben points to this video that ought to coming soon to KT: Buddha and the Beggar

Leslee feels it: "I love what you are doing! Such inspiring articles and videos. I really enjoy KindSpring and DailyGood. I know I will enjoy KarmaTube as well! Such a nice change from the reporting of disasters and nasty people that we get from the regular newscasts and papers. Thank you."

In Japan, Yuka is mother of another baby boy. Before that bit of good news, Alan caught her on tape at SOPP: A World in Harmony

ServiceSpace tentacles are so distributed that we get daily moments of unpredictable joy, via notes like this: "I was wondering if someone in your organization might be interested in doing a talk at our public library. I found your organization when looking at and seeing that one of their board members, Guri Mehta, lived in the Bay Area and co-founded ServiceSpace. We were thinking about having a talk about gratefulness and/or giving on the first Thursday in November (11/2) in the afternoon. I'd love to talk more if this is a possibility. I am with the Dublin branch of the Alameda County Library."

Did you know that Leah invented Facebook's like button? And for years, she's been contributing her art to our weekly Awakin reading. Her art offering on Being Driven to Drawn got a lot of kudos, like this one: "It's an especially beautiful Dharma Comic this week -- thank you, Leah, for sharing. The reading really speaks to me though it will take some time to sink in. Still, I wanted to express my appreciation right now."

Washington Post story that was hotly debated: Being Rich Wrecks Your Soul. We Used to Know that.

At international women's conference on Buddhism in Hong Kong, Ruth sent us a photo of four women left with a Smile Card after a meal. :)

Pancho calls it the Kindness Temple. After a recent Awakin Kids circle, Trushna backed him up, "Thanks so much for opening your hearts and your home each month to support our collective journeys as parents and to create a space for the children that is loving and mindful. Your home has been such a special place for us like so many and it's such a precious blessing to share this space with you all again and our boys. The joy was so apparent. Sahil's initial apprehension turned into a song and dance around the front room as we were winding down. Kavi repeatedly asked to stay 5 more minutes. As we buckled in and drive off the ripples we're already starting to show. Kavi joyfully stated, "I really love Auntie! She is so kind and I had a lot of fun with her. When are we coming back?" We look forward to relistening to the circle of sharing audio and taking in all those nuggets of wisdom. Loved the photos!! In deep gratitude …"

Speaking of which, Awakin Kids circle is waitlisted this month with 40+ folks. (In fact, to accommodate toddler RSVP's :) our tech team even piloted a new feature -- RSVP without an email address.) Thank you, Kozo and Somik, for anchoring a space where "values are caught not taught."

Last month's Moved by Love retreat (in India) was "one of the best ever", according to Sheetal. "Loving kindness and stillness all through the 3 days made me feel like I was at a meditation retreat."

Others seemed to agree: "Hearing that my mom is coming as a volunteer, I was like, "Whhaaattt?" Frankly my first reaction was no. I am in such a phase where I keep on fighting or arguing with my parents – and running away from them. But then I told myself not to be so selfish and stop my reactions. I decided to volunteer with her. You won't believe it, but I hugged my mom for the first time in the closing circle. After so many years. In fact, I don't even remember the last time I hugged anyone in my family. My mom came up to me with tears in her eyes and hugged me. I didn't know how to react. She didn't say anything, but something in our relation melted. Something shifted from darkness to light. Thank you for holding such sacred space."

Who knew there was a Karma Kitchen Australia experiment? You probably knew about Avni and her gang host Karma Kitchen Surat last month. But betcha, no one saw Karma Kitchen Krakow (Poland) coming up:

On that note, Rajen Thapa has supported KK from its early days and a gang of us went to support him on his big day of being inaugurated as the local Lions Club chapter president. He opened by saying, "I don't want to be a leader, I want to be the first Lions Club servant. Instead of being at the top, I prefer being a pot." He affectionately spoke of KK to 400 people in attendance, had everyone applaud for our table, and invited people to visit the website. Congrats, Rajen-ji, on being a pot that holds so much! :) And yes, this is Bradley in a tie. #BlackmailPhoto

Bill Miller points to a Christian community practicing gift economy, on our ideas alias. Yes, the world will never know exactly how many email aliases exists in the ServiceSpace ecosystem. :)

Two Laddership Circle are knee-deep into week 4 of their time together. 16 fellows, 10 anchors. But the line between anchors and fellows get very blurred, as everyone learns from everyone. Apparently, University of Vermont med school is taking notes: Medical School Without Teachers

On that note, Birju, Preeta and Komnieve are hosting first-ever themed circle: Business and Laddership It was almost nicknamed "Leadership and Laddership". :)

Adam Grant is a celebrity now, but he's still a fan of all things ServiceSpace. Most recently, he was doing research on kindness -- and he wrote to KindSpring to share the stories from their research. Coming soon. :)

Last Saturday's Awakin Call was most popular of the year, with 226 RSVP's. Frank is a sweet guy -- "with four kids of his own, he would spend his days tending to people on their deathbeds and before going home to his family; he would stop at a hospital to cuddle premature babies born to mothers who were addicts. Infants who couldn't stop shaking … and somehow just holding them and doing that small bit to comfort them was one of the practices that helped him balance the intensity of the founding years of the hospice."

Speaking of popular, this experience by ServiceSpace Dad received 40 smiles: When the Glass Shatters and Love Walks In (And did you know, you can view most-popular feed posts by clicking on that star icon?)

In Estonia, driver-less buses are now on the road. But Facebook recently had to shut down their robots because they created their own language. #StarThis :)

Peter Kalmus was a Cal Tech whiz with a PhD in physics working at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, now mostly living off the grid. All his genius has led to a new book: Be The Change. To get a deep dive into Awakin Pasadena host, enjoy this conversation with Richard -- with a classic photo with his son.

You've heard of Nipun's recent talk in Germany on Algorithms and Love. Lots of applause at the end, but let's see what happens when he speaks at Singularity University in London next month. :)

Overheard at the retreat: "ServiceSpace is a movement." "But don't movements need a cause?" "Humanity is our cause." "In era of 'augmented humans', that is going to be a serious issue." "What can humans do, that machines can't?" "Compassion."

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