A Spiritual Gem From An Atheist

Posted by Somik Raha on Aug 10, 2017
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This week, an Awakin gem floated from Sam Harris floated by, titled "To know your mind, pay close attention to it." What makes this special is Sam's own journey. It was a few years back when a debate at Caltech that included Sam Harris and Deepak Chopra got into a lot of heat. Sam was hugely annoyed by Dr. Chopra, didn't give any space to spiritual experiences, and at one point even commented that our mind was all a product of our physical neural cognition (if I remember correctly).

The same Sam Harris, rooted his rationalist (by which he actually means atheist) background to delve into spiritual experiences and explain them in a powerful way through his own journey with meditation, chronicled beautifully in this piece: The Atheist Who Strangled Me. What makes this a great contribution to the world is that he has tapped into something very special without having to stop being an atheist - I believe that through this perspective, he is going to eventually deepen science and spirituality.

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