It's Not The End

Posted by David Babineau on Aug 10, 2017
If your reading this message and your depressed, sad, lost and feel like nothing goes your way. I want everyone to know I've been there.1st step. Tell yourself over and over that it's not the end. It's the beginning for a new life. Some days I was broke and then I thought wait. I have all this junk I'm saving for whatever that reason might be. So I took pictures and sold that stuff that I was never going to use anyway. And made a little money. It cost approx at a accounting 175.00 to open a LLC and open your own business. Life is like your body. The more you eat the bigger you get. You stop eating you start to get skinny and eventually die. 2nd. Don't let things get you down because you had this before or I had so much money before that if I would of only did that? Well guess what? You didn't and by thinking about it will only bring you down. REAL DOWN AND WILL CONTINUE TO NOT LET YOU MOVE FORWARD. Let go of that heavy weight. Instead of looking at Facebook, educate yourself by watching YouTube. There's anything in the world you can learn.. Hell, I did it back in 2010. A buddy, a great friend helped me to get a job being a Journeyman Electrician. I watched YouTube for about a week and learnt how to bend conduit. I never forget I was so scared. Haven't worked in years because I didn't have to. I had money. Well I went on that job and yea I messed up. But people saw how desperate I was and they taught me. And then another job. Instrument tubing fitter. I messed up more tubing. Probably stabbed a couple sharks because did not want to leave evidence that I was messing up. But I learnt it by taking that chance. And I came to love that. It was nice bending and rolling that tubing and making it look so nice. It's art. You really have to take chances in life. If you dont. You will only be in the same or worst situation your in. Even if they fail. Don't EVER GIVE UP! AND FORGET THE NEGATIVITY. THINK POSITIVE AND POSITIVE ENERGY WILL SURROUND YOU!!!!!

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