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Posted by Rahul Brown on Nov 8, 2015
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Few weeks ago, we felt blessed to host Jayeshbhai for an evening of heartful stories. He’s a man who lives on the other side of what was once a distant land for me: the place where one’s heart is at the center of every moment and service is the love-in-motion that flows from each step.

While Jayeshbhai’s words are often simple, what is powerful about them is their harmony and rootedness in countless small steps he’s personally taken in a sustained continuity of gratefully loving service. His wisdom isn’t the kind that drops down from a Himalayan cave and inspires you to climb to a lofty place, but rather the kind that inspires you to bow to and dig deep for the ever present opportunities for connection in your life. To be in his field is to newly witness an ancient way to be and experience home.

Those that missed the talk, and the dear friends from 'Across the Pond' that tagged us with audio equipment for future gatherings :-), can listen to the evening with Jayeshbhai online.

May we all hear and bow to the voice of our hearts!

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  • chris johnnidis wrote ...

    Thank you for posting rahulzer, i will cherish listening to this. Love your descriptive words too. Reminds me a bit of how bikkhu bodhi has talked about service.