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Posted by Rahul Brown on Apr 29, 2015
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Pancho shared a breathtaking video of Yosemite that is almost too beautiful to be real. The composition, imagery, and music gently gripped me and filled my heart with an expansive feeling of connection.

In the middle of the video is a clip of people climbing up the final leg of the ascent to El Captian- a formidable hike up a piece of granite that I've never felt compelled to make. Yet it occurred to me that there are all kinds of climbers with various motivations who do feel compelled to ascend.

Of all these people, the one's who inspire me are those who make the arduous journey for the sole purpose of sharing the view with those who have not yet made that trip.

May we all journey to the pinnacle of our capacities not for the awards, accolades, or honors bestowed by that hard path, but for the joy of gifting our sight and view to those who have not yet made the journey!

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    Stunning -- thank you for sharing!